Terms & Conditions

1. Scope
A. Except as otherwise agreed in writing, the legal relationship between the parties is governed by these general terms of sale that the customer acknowledges to have agreed to agree. The terms have absolute priority over any of the customer's own terms that will be written for non-written.
2. Orders
A. Agreements concluded by our representatives are valid only after our approval.
B. If the customer receives no written cancellation within 3 working days after ordering, the order is deemed to be accepted.
C. All prices, brochures and other product data provided are purely informative and approximate. They do not bind FD Computers and do not guarantee any properties.
3. Delivery Terms
A. Delivery periods are only given approximate. Delays do not invalidate the cancellation of the order, termination of the contract, a price reduction or any claim for damages.
B. In case of company disruptions, strikes, government measures, coincidence and / or other overpower situations, FD-Computers has been fired from its delivery obligation or performance of the agreement. Under operating disorders, it is also understood that the suppliers of FD-Computers remain in defects for any reason. In this case, FD-Computers has the choice between breach of the agreement without compensation and extension of delivery periods for the duration of the interruption. The choice will be by fax or ordinary letter.
C. FD-Computers will also be entitled to perform partial deliveries.
4. Shipping
A. The goods are even shipped freely, travel at burden and risk of the buyer, regardless of the person who sees the transport and in whose order, too. For each order, provided by FD Computers, the customer accepts the courier service chosen by FD-Computers without causing any risk transfer. In this case, the customer will pay for a fixed fee in the transport costs. The shipping rates applicable at that time will be communicated by FD-Computers on first request. Speed ​​orders are also at the buyer's expense.
B. Wrong deliveries and DOA products must be brought to FD-Computers within 8 days.
C. Return of wrongly ordered goods must be done at the customer's expense immediately, in the original packaging. If the goods are returned in good condition by FD-Computers, their price will be settled.
D. Cartridges, toners and drums are NEVER taken back.
e. Each foreign buyer must first announce his VAT number so that it can be checked by the VAT registration. For goods transported across the Belgian border, Article 18 of the VAT Code applies; The export must be proved by all means of common law. If it subsequently appears that these goods are exported for export in Belgium, the buyer is solely responsible for the VAT administration. He will have to safely safeguard FD-Computers if they are addressed by the administration.

5. Prices
A. Prices are net prices for packaged material in our store. They include VAT and serve as an indication.
B. The prices quoted are valid on the date of order and based on the exchange rates of that day. Should between the order date and delivery date be a price increase due to price changes, cost factors or change of taxes or taxes, FD Computers will be entitled to redeem the sale of claims without prior notice to the customer without prior notice. Any other price increase, beyond the will of FD Computers, can always be included. If the increase exceeds 5%, the buyer may waive the purchase for delivery, provided that a flat rate and non-refundable compensation of 20% of the contract price is paid.
C. If a printer is irreparably defective, a minimum amount of € 20 will be charged for the research costs.
D. If a laptop or computer is irreparably defective or the customer chooses not to recover, a minimum amount of € 50 will be charged for the research costs.
6. Payments
A. The invoices are payable to the seller, net, cash and without discount, unless otherwise agreed with the order. Changes or checks do not involve debt renewal and do not in any way affect the applicability of the current terms.
B. The invoices must be paid within a maximum of 8 days from the date of the invoice.
C. Any unpaid invoice on the due date will result in an interest of 12% and will be increased by a lump sum and non-refundable 10% compensation with a minimum of € 125.
D. The non-payment on the due date of an invoice makes the balance due of all other, even non-expired invoices, immediately due.
e. Checks and bills only apply as payment after their collection. Any costs of exchange protests will be fully charged to the customer; Upon receipt of unchecked checks an administrative charge of € 12.40 per check is charged and the following delivery will only be made for payment in cash.
F. Each default payer will also justify the suspension of further deliveries or the execution of warranty obligations.
G. By way of derogation from Article 1583 of the Civil Code, it is expressly stated that the goods sold remain from FD Computers until such full payment has been made. As long as FD-Computers also has the right to retrieve the goods at any time at the buyer's expense.
H. In case of non-payment, the customer must pay all court fees.

7. Complaints
A. The buyer is obliged to immediately check the goods delivered upon receipt for visible damage and / or damage to the packaging. These damages must be stated on the invoice in a correct and decisive way. The buyer will also have to check upon receipt that the quantity delivered corresponds to the quantity purchased. Complaints about this should be reported to FD-Computers on the day of delivery and confirmed by registered letter within 2 working days. The sale of the goods by the buyer nullifies the liability of FD-Computers for these visible defects and / or damages.
B. All other complaints are only admissible if they are notified sufficiently motivated and registered to FD Computers within 8 days of delivery.
C. No returns of goods are accepted without the prior permission of FD Computers. The return must always be done free of charge and occur within 8 days after delivery.
8. Right of withdrawal
Due to the nature of the modified products, it is not possible to use the products according to Art. 80 §4, 2 ° Act. Each sale purchase is final and is not subject to a reflection period. However, we can reinstall or replace the software on our computer with our return transport after approval.
9. Guarantee
A. There is only warranty on hardware. The guarantee does not cover any shipping or shipping costs, nor travel or relocation fee.
B. The guarantee granted by us is strictly limited to the warranty terms of our suppliers, which the buyer acknowledges to have knowledge. The normal warranty period for defects in construction, defective operation or material defects is twelve months after delivery. Repair or replacement does not give rise to an extension of the warranty period.
C. If a defect is found, the buyer must return the goods to the original packaging.
D. The parts we replace will remain our property. Our warranty can not in any case be for breakage, damage, accident, overflow or lightning, ... arising from excessive or abnormal use, negligence, wrong maintenance, oblivion or ignorance of those who use the material. In the event of a thunderstorm, always connect all plugs with the electricity, telephone line, telephone set, ... to be pulled out of the socket to avoid overflow and / or lightning.
e. The warranty also does not apply to parts with a fast wear due to their nature or normal use.
F. Our warranty expires if the goods are entrusted to third parties for verification or repair during the warranty period, or if the parts supplied by us are replaced by parts that are not from our company.
G. Our warranty also expires in case of the material in question.
H. We disclaim any responsibility for the damage caused by errors in the software; The related repair or replacement costs will be charged by FD-Computers.
I. The Customer shall not, in any case, make changes to the delivered material without express written permission. The warranty terms apply only if the customer has fulfilled his obligations related to payment.
J. If FD-Computers does not detect any defects, the cost of the tests will always be charged to the buyer, even if these tests are performed during the normal warranty period. Billing will take place in accordance with current rates.
K. The buyer must provide for copying and storing the most important information that may contain a component brought into repair, as this information may be lost during repair. In no event may FD-Computers be held liable for any loss of this information.
L. A computer, component, or any other thing that is brought into repair should be retrieved at the latest 3 months, otherwise the automatic ownership of FD-Computers.
M. With special laptop repairs, 3 months warranty applies only to the replacement parts. Glass fracture never falls under warranty.
N. FD Computers can never be held liable for the use of illegal software by the customer. The customer must provide enough Windows licenses for, among other things, multiseatcomputers, 1 Windows license must be provided for simultaneous user, the end customer is responsible for the software used at all times.

10.Cancellation of the agreement
A. If the buyer fails to fulfill his obligations by, for example, failing to collect the goods within 5 days, the sale may be terminated by registered letter by FD-Computers, by law and without notice. In this case, the buyer, in addition to reimbursement of the costs incurred by FD-Computers, owes a flat-rate compensation of 20% of the selling price.
B. The agreement shall also be deemed to be dissolved by law and without notice of default as a result of bankruptcy if the buyer's apparent inability, in which case, the proprietary reservation made by FD-Computers will also apply.
C. In case of cancellation of the agreement by the buyer, this will be a lump sum compensation of 20% of the selling price.
11. Subscriptions and cloud systems
A. FD Computers can not be held responsible for data loss, the customer should always check the operation of his backup system.
B. Subscriptions to cloud systems or any cancellable annually, this minimum 3 weeks before the expiry of the annual subscription. Otherwise, they will be automatically renewed automatically.
12. Jurisdiction Court.
A. This agreement is subject to the provisions of Belgian law.
B. Any discussion relating to this agreement, order or invoice, shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of the Torhout cant, the Court of First Instance in Bruges or the Commercial Court of Oostende (Belgium).